T = Thrifting for Tunes, with John T. [6-7 pm west • 9-10 pm east]

B = The Beyondophonic Action Hour, with Tothar [7-8 pm west • 10-11 pm east]

ARTIST – Title (Album)


ADD N TO (X) – Barry 7's Contraption (Avant Hard) [B]

LARRY ADLER – Malagueña (An Evening with Larry Adler) [B]

LOS ADMIRADORES – Blue Moon (Bongos) [T]

THE ADVISORY CIRCLE – A Mechanical Eye (Ways of Seeing) [B]

AFTER THE FIRE – The Stranger (Batteries Not Included) [B]

THE AGGREGATION – Flying Free (Mind Odyssey) [T]

AIR – How Does It Make You Feel? (Pocket Symphony) [B]

AIRTO – Bebe (Natural Feelings) [T]

AKRON – The Dead Walk on Sunday (Akron 2 - Early Material) [B]

AKRON – Overture (The Akron Quartet Plays "Ritualul Sferei”) [B]

DAMON ALBARN – Coronation (Dr. Dee) [B]

ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI – Lungo la strada (Alessandro Alessandroni e il suo complesso) [T]

ALFREDITO – Goofus Mambo (Crazy Titles for Dancing Cha-Cha and Merengue) [B]

ALLÁ – Un Pedazo (Es Tiempo) [B]

THE ALIIS – Quiet Village (Hawaii Right Now!) [B]

SHELDON ALLMAN – Crawl Out Through the Fallout (Folk Songs for the 21st Century) [B]

HAL ALOMA – Wai O Minnehaha / Minehaha Falls (Hawaiian Holiday) [B]

HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS – If You Could Read My Mind (Summertime) [T]

THE AMERICAN PATROL – American Patrol (The American Patrol) [B]

THE AMES BROTHERS (Orchestra under the Direction of Esquivel) – Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Hello Amigos) [T]

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – In The Flowers (Merriweather Post Pavilion) [B]

APOLLO 100 – Lady Madonna (Golden Instrumental Hits) [B]

PETER APPLEYARD ORCHESTRA – The Man with the Golden Arm (Percussive Jazz) [T]

THE ART OF NOISE – The First Leg (In Visible Silence - Deluxe Edition) [B]

THE ARTAL ORCHESTRA – Danny Boy (The Canaries) [B]

ARTHUR – Open the Door (Dreams and Images) [T]

SVEN ASMUSSEN & HIS DANCING STRINGS – Tabu (The Fiddling Viking) [B]

PETE ATKIN – Frangipanni Was Her Flower (Beware of the Beautiful Stranger) [T]

CHET ATKINS – The Streets Of Laredo (The Other Chet Atkins) [T]

ETHEL AZAMA – Green Fire (Exotic Dreams) [B]


HENRY BADOWSKI – Baby Sign Here With Me (Life Is A Grand) [T]

CHET BAKER – Like Someone In Love (The Best Of Chet Baker Sings) [T]

FRANK BARBER PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE – Spanish Flea (Swingin' Percussion) [T]

BRIGITTE BARDOT – Le Diable Est Anglais (Best of Bardot) [B]

JO BASILE & HIS ORCHESTRA – Hatari: Baby Elephant Walk (Foreign Film Festival Cannes) [T]

FRANCO BATTIATO – Centro Di Gravità Permanente / Mix 2015 (Anthology - Le Nostre Anime) [T]

LES BAXTER AND HIS ORCHESTRA – Bird of Paradise (The Primitive & The Passionate) [T]

THE BEACH BOYS – Holidays (The Smile Sessions) [B]

BECK – Cold Brains (Mutations) [B]

THE BEE GEES – World (Horizontal) [B]

ADRIAN BELEW – Big Electric Cat (Lone Rhino) [B]

THE FRED BERLIPP BAND – Law Breakers (Steel Sound / Drum Action Sounds) [T]

THE BESNARD LAKES – Golden Lion (A Coliseum Complex Museum) [B]

BIFF BANG POW! – She's Got Diamonds In Her Hair (Bertula Pop) [B]

COLIN BLUNSTONE – Every Sound I Heard (Ennismore) [B]

BLUR – The Debt Collector (Parklife) [B]

CURT BOETTCHER – Lament Of The Astral Cowboy (Another Time) [B]

THE BOO RADLEYS – Lazarus [Flood Remix: Edit] (Lazarus EP) [B]

BARRY BOOTH – I'll Listen (Diversions!) [B]

THE BOSSA TRÊS – Bottles (Jazz Tempo, Latin Accents!) [T]

DAVID BOWIE – Heathen [The Rays] (Heathen) [B]

CARTER BURWELL – Puppet Love (Being John Malkovich) [T]

DONALD BYRD Band & Voices – Cristo Redentor (A New Perspective) [T]


VIC CAESAR – In My Mind (“Missing Pieces” [Demos]) [T]

CAFE TACVBA (WITH DAVID BYRNE) – El Outsider (Un Segundo MTV Unplugged) [B]

AL CAIOLA – It Don’t Come Easy (Plays Superstar and Others Hit Songs) [T]

CANDY CLAWS – Pangea Girls [Magic Feeling] (Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time) [B]

JOE CANNON – Where Does Marianne Sleep (Cold Hard Times) [T]

EDDIE CANO – Our Day Will Come (Danke Schoen) [T]

CARIBOU – Twins (Up In Flames) [B]

THE CARMEL STRINGS – Prelude to an Evening (Boss Baroque) [B]

HOAGY CARMICHAEL – Hong Kong Blues (Ole Buttermilk Sky) [T]

DAVID CARROLL AND HIS ORCHESTRA – Perfidia (Mexico and 11 other great hits) [T]

JOHNNY CASH – Oh, What A Dream (The Essential Johnny Cash 1955-1983) [T]

CATHERINE WHEEL – I Want To Touch You (Ferment) [B]

CARMEN CAVALLARO – Where Do I Go/Be In (Love Can Make You Happy) [B]

LOS CHAVALLES DE ESPAÑA – Flamenco Twist (Spanish Fire) [B]

CINEPLEXX – Espiral (Picnic) [B]

LES CINQ MODERNES – Volare (Continental Jazz) [T]

SANFORD CLARK – A Woman’s Disgrace (Return Of The Fool) [T]

ROSEMARY CLOONEY – Bye Bye Blackbird (Clap Hands! Here Comes Rosie!) [B]

BUDDY COLE – Cherokee (Ingenuity in Sound) [B]

COZY COLE – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Drum Beat for Dancing Feet) [B]


NAT KING COLE – Fantastico (A Mis Amigos) [B]

JOHNNY CONQUET – Sirocco (Raisins and Almonds Cha Cha Cha and Merengues) [B]

STEWART COPELAND – Hostile Bridge To Benny’s (Rumble Fish) [T]

CORN MO – Lollipop (The Magic Is You!) [B]

DAVE “BABY” CORTEZ – The Happy Organ (The Happy Organ) [B]

GAL COSTA – Sebastiana (Gal Costa) [T]

JULIE COVINGTON – Ice-Cream Man (The Beautiful Changes) [T]

WARREN COVINGTON – La Pachanga (Latin Si!) [B]

FLOYD CRAMER – On the Rebound (On the Rebound) [B]

THE BOB CREWE ORCHESTRA – Walk Like A Man (All The Song Hits of The 4 Seasons Instrumentally Performed by...) [T]

JULEE CRUISE – Up In Flames (The Voice Of Love) [B]

EL CUBANITO – Sabrosito Así (Hot) [B]


ÉTIENNE DAHO – Saudade [Live 1992] (Daholympia) [T]

DICK DALE – The Wedge (King of the Surf Guitar) [B]

SYD DALE – Man Trap (Flamboyant Themes Vol. II) [B]

VIC DAMONE – Bali Ha’i (Strange Enchantment) [T]


RUSS DAVID – Life Is So Peculiar (Where There’s Life) [B]

DANNY DAVIS & THE NASHVILLE STRINGS – Sea Cruise (Herman’s Hermits Songbook) [B]

BLOSSOM DEARIE – The Riviera (Give Him The Ooh-La-La) [T]

DEJA VOODOO – Cemetery (Cemetery) [T]


MILTON DELUGG – Theme for the Creature from Under the Sea (Monsters, Munsters, Mummies & Other TV Fiends) [B]

CLAUDE DENJEAN – Duck You Sucker (Open Circuit) [T]

CHRIS DIFFORD – Cool For Cats (South East Side Story) [B]


PETE DRAKE – Blue Velvet (Talking Steel & Singing Strings) [B]

LÉONARD DUQUETTE ET SON ENSEMBLE HAWAIEN – Michèle (Succès Hawaiens pour la danse Vol. 2) [T]


WILF EDWARDS – Let's Go (Betty Page Jungle Girl) [T]

ELECTRIC INDIAN – Rain Dance (Keem-O-Sabe) [B]

THE ELECTRIC MOOG ORCHESTRA – Space Symphony (Music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind) [B]

LES & LARRY ELGART – Caravan (The New Elgart Touch) [T]

BRIAN ENO & DAVID BYRNE – Mea Culpa (My Life in the Bush of Ghosts)


EVE – Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham (Take It and Smile) [T]

THE EXOTIC GUITARS – I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman (Everybody's Talkin') [T]


ART FARMER QUINTET – Sidewinder (The Art Farmer Quintet Plays the Great Jazz Hits) [T]

FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE – Electric Ladyland [Japanese Version] (Luxury) [B]

FASHION – Sodium Pentathol Negative (I.R.S. Greatest Hits Vols. 2 & 3) [T]

ABEL FERRARA – The Raven [Excerpt] (Closed On Account Of Rabies – Poems And Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe) [T]

GIANNI FERRIO – Un Passaggio Per Red Rock [from Amico Stammi Lontano Almeno Un Palmo aka Ben And Charlie] (Classic Italian Soundtracks–Spaghetti Westerns Volume 1) [T]

FIREHOUSE FIVE +2 – Let's Have a Party (…Crashes a Party) [B]

CONNIE FRANCIS – Trains and Boats and Planes (…Sings Bacharach and David) [B]

CLAUDE FRANÇOIS – Quand un Bateau Passe (Claude François No 4) [B]

JACQUELINE FRANÇOIS – Les Maraîchères de Bahia (Vive la François) [B]

YUKARI FRESH – Many Many Many Many M… (New Year's Fresh) [B]

MITCHELL FROOM – Zeroes Are Wild (Slamdance) [T]

FUTURE BIBLE HEROES – My Blue Hawaii (I’m Lonely (And I Love It)) [B]


SERGE GAINSBOURG [with Jane Birkin & Art Greenslade] – 69 année érotique (Gainsbourg: London Paris 1963 – 1971) [T]

JACCO GARDNER – Levania (Somnium) [T]

HANK GARLAND – Like Someone In Love (Velvet Guitar) [T]

MORT GARSON & THE TIME ZONE – Space Walker (Music from Patch Cord Productions) [T]

GENERATIONALS – Wildlife Sculpture (Con Law) [B]

GIANNI E LA SUA FISARMONICA – Furioso Tango (Volcanic Tangos) [B]

GILBERTO GIL – Geléia Geral (Tropicalia: Ou Panis Et Circencis) [T]

JOÃO GILBERTO [Feat. Stan Getz & Antônio Carlos Jobim] – Doralice (Getz / Gilberto) [T]

PHILIP GLASS ENSEMBLE – Closing (Glassworks) [T]

I GOBLIN – La caccia (Zombi [Dawn of the Dead]) [T]

MARTY GOLD ORCHESTRA [with Donald Hulme] – Overture from "Tommy" A Rock Opera (Sounds Impossible) [T]

VICENTE GOMEZ – Blue Kimono (Tokyo Rhapsody) [B]

THE GOODIES – Universe (The Cricklewood Tapes) [B]

THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE QUEEN – 80’s Life (The Good, The Bad & The Queen) [B]

THE GOTHIC ARCHIES – In The Reptile Room (The Tragic Treasury: Songs From A Series Of Unfortunate Events) [B]

BUDDY GRECO – Day In, Day Out (I Like It Swinging) [T]

MAX GREGER & ORCHESTER – Big Train (Greger's Groove Party) [B]

GRINGO STAR – Come on Now (All Y'All) [B]

THE GRUESOMES – For All I Care (It Came From Canada) [T]

VINCE GUARALDI – Peppermint Patty (Oh, Good Grief!) [B]

GUILLEMOTS – Trains To Brazil (From the Cliffs) [B]

MLADEN GUTESHA [ORCHESTRA BOBBY GUTESHA] – Sunshine City (Flight to Frisco) [T]


JOSH HADEN – Drifting (Devoted) [B]

PETRA HADEN – Armenia City in the Sky (Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out) [B]

HALF CLEVELAND – Pay You Back With Interest (rehearsal/unreleased) [B]

HERBIE HANCOCK – Blow Up [Main Title] (Cannes Film Festival - 50th Anniversary Album) [T]

THE HAPPY DAY CHOIR – Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (Good Feelin’s) [B]

THE HARMONICA RASCALS – Saber Dance (The Harmonica Rascals) [T]

JOE HARNELL – Time on My Hands (I Want to Be Happy) [B]

NOEL HARRISON – Go Ask Your Man (Collage) [B]

JOHN HARTFORD – I Would Not Be Here (Gentle on My Mind and Other Originals By…) [T]

JIMMIE HASKELL – Rockin’ In the Orbit (Countdown) [B]

TONY HATCH – You’re the One (The Downtown Sound of Tony Hatch) [B]

RICHARD HAYMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA – The Killing of Sister George (The Command Revolution – The Spirited Sounds of 1969) [T]

TED HEATH AND HIS MUSIC – Johnny One Note (Demonstration Record - Sound 4 Monophonic High Fidelity 1962) [T]

FRED HECTOR UND SEIN AKKORDEON-ENSEMBLE – Little Green Man (Akkordeon Up To Date) [T]

HELLO THE BAND – Lullaby To Nightmares (Hello Recording Club 1993/09) [T]

BASIL HENRIQUES AND THE WAIKIKI ISLANDERS – The Shadow Of Your Smile (Shades Of Hawaii) [T]

PIERRE HENRY & MICHEL COLOMBIER – Jericho Jerk (Les Jerks Electroniques De La Messe Pour Le Temps Présent) [B]

DON HO WITH THE ELSNER SISTERS – Medley: Aquarius / Let The Sun Shine In (The Don Ho TV Show) [T]

KURT HOFFMAN’S BAND OF WEEDS – Blow, Wind, Blow (Hello Recording Club 1993/06) [T]

MICHAEL HOLM – 1000 Volt ( BILD Schlager-Stars) [B]

HONEY LTD – For Your Mind (Honey Ltd) [T]

THE HONEYCOMBS – Hab’ Ich Das Recht (Joe Meek: Portrait of a Genius) [B]

HOUSE OF WIRES – Song Of Siberia (Monogamy) [B]

DICK HYMAN – A Man Alone [From The Motion Picture “The Ipcress File”] (Organ Tricks) [T]


JANIS IAN – Queen Merka and Me (...For All the Seasons of Your Mind) [B]

THE IDLE RACE – End Of The Road (Birthday Party) [B]

THE IN GROUP FEATURING GLEN CAMPBELL – Greenback Dollar (The Swinging 12 String) [B]

INTERNATIONAL ALL STARS – Adieu Tristesse [from Black Orpheus] (Hit Themes From Foreign Films) [T]

BILL IRWIN & GROUP – Desert Sands (Seduction) [B]

IT’S IMMATERIAL – Driving Away From Home [Jim’s Tune] (Life’s Hard And Then You Die) [T]

BURL IVES – Wayfaring Stranger (Classic Folk Music From Smithsonian Folkways) [T]


TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS – Mirage (Anthology) [B]

THE JICKETS – Manhattan Bridge (Hello Recording Club 1994/04) [T]

ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM – Surfboard (The Wonderful World Of…) [T]

COLIN JOHN – My Favorite Things (Electric Lotus) [B]

JACK JONES – Feeling Good [from The Roar Of The Greasepaint] (The Impossible Dream) [T]

QUINCY JONES [Vocal by Gil Bernal] – It Sure Is Groovy! (In The Heat Of The Night: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [T]

LOUIS JORDAN & HIS TYMPANY FIVE – Whatever Lola Wants [Lola Gets] (Jazz Cafe – Latin) [T]

SEU JORGE – O Astronauta De Marmore (Starman) (The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions) [B]


JUICY BANANAS – Bad Man (Repo Man) [T]


LYDIA KAVINA – Melody (Original Works for Theremin: Music from the Ether) [B]

JOHN KEATING – Dreamer (Space Experience 2) [T]

MONTY KELLY – Tropicana (Tropicana) [T]

MONTY KELLY – Tango Bongo (Summer Set) [B]

ED KENNEY – The Legend of the Rain (My Hawaii) [B]

STAN KENTON – Adventure in Emotions Part IV: Joy (…Conducts the Los Angeles Neophonic Orchestra) [B]


THE KING OF LUXEMBOURG – Valleri (Sketches of Luxembourg) [B]

THE KINGSTON TRIO – The Merry Minuet (From The Hungry i) [T]

KATHY KIRBY – Playboy (The Complete Collection) [B]

THE DON KIRSHNER CONCEPT – Air / Walking In Space (Don Kirshner Cuts "Hair") [T]

THE KITCHEN CINQ – Last Chance to Turn Around (Everything But The Kitchen Cinq) [T]

KEVIN KLING – Lightning (Home and Away) [B]

CHRIS KNOX – The Hell Of It (Beat) [B]

MOE KOFFMANN – Comin’ Home Baby (Music at the Canadian Pavilion, Expo 67 - September 15, 1967) [T]

KRAFT – Cheez Whiz Commercial (Album N/A) [T]

KRAFTWERK – Antenna (Radioactivity) [B]

DAGMAR KRAUSE – Surabaya Johnny (Lost In The Stars: The Music Of Kurt Weill) [T]


LESTER LANIN – Georgy Girl (Thoroughly Modern) [B]

CLAUDE LARSON & HIS COMPUTER CONTROLLED OSCILLATORS – Highway E1 (Electronic Toys – A Retrospective of 70's Synthesizer Music) [T]

JAMES LAST – Hungarian Dance No. 5 (A Date with…) [B]

LENGUA 72 – Pizza en la Casa/Chicas Pálidas (Chicas Pálidas) [B]

THE ROD LEVITT ORCHESTRA – Morning In Montevideo (Jazz Cafe – Latin) [T]

LIBRARIANS WITH HICKEYS – And Then She's Gone (Long Overdue) [B]

ED LINCOLN – Tristeza De Nos Dois (Single) [T]

JOHN LINNELL – DeWitt Clinton (House Of Mayors) [T]

LIVING MARIMBAS – The Odd Couple (MacArthur Park and Other Favorites) [T]

LIVING PERCUSSION – The Beat Goes On (The Beat Goes On) [T]

LIVING STRINGS – [I'm Not Your] Steppin' Stone (Living Strings Play I'm A Believer And Other Monkees' Hits) [T]

LIVING TRIO – These Eyes (Love Theme from “Romeo and Juliet”) [T]

EDU LOBO – Zanzibar (Cantiga De Longe) [T]

THE ALAN LORBER ORCHESTRA – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (The Lotus Palace) [B]

LOVE CORPORATION – Unconditional Love's Going Out Of Fashion (Intelligentsia) [B]

GEOFF LOVE – UFO (Star Wars and  Other Space Themes) [B]

SAMMY LOWE – Cleopatra Rock (Hitsville, USA) [B]

FRED LOWERY – Over the Rainbow (Whistle a Happy Tune!) [B]

DANIELE LUPPI – Fashion Party (An Italian Story) [T]

LULU – Lies (From Lulu with Love) [B]

EVAN LURIE – The Spinster's Waltz (Selling Water By The Side Of The River) [T]

LUSH – Ladykillers (Lovelife) [B]

LUSK – The Hotel Family Affair (Free Mars) [B]


LEONARD MACCLAIN – Moonlight on the Ganges (Theatre Organ in Hi-Fi) [B]

MACHITO – [I Can't Get No] Satisfaction (Machito Goes Memphis) [B]

MAGAZINE – Rhythm Of Cruelty (Rays And Hail 1978-1981: The Best Of Magazine) [T]

THE MAGNETICS – The Lion Sleeps Tonight (A Historical Glimpse of the Future) [B]

MICHELE MAISANO – Sei Mi Vuoi Lasciare (RCA Single) [T]

JOE MAIZE AND HIS CORDSMEN – Catamaran (Hawaiian Dreams) [B]

GEORGE MANN ORCHESTRA FEATURING THE GOLDEN TRUMPET – Shiny Chandelier And Silk Stockings (Theme From The Motion Picture Casino Royale & Others) [T]

KEITH MANSFIELD – Sporting Highlights (Sounds Of The Sixties & Seventies Part 1) [T]

THE MANZANO DREAMERS – Caravan (24 Grands Succes Pour Danser… Avec Toi) [B]

THE MARBLE ARCH ORCHESTRA – Zabadak (Tomorrow’s Standards) [B]

LITTLE PEGGY MARCH – Teasin’ (I Will Follow Him) [B]

ZE MARIA, SEU ORGAO E SEU CONJUNTO – Carnaval Triste (Esquema 64 / Bossa Nova E Balanço) [T]

PETE MARKESTEIN – King of the Skip (Ode to a CB Shack) [B]

MARKET PLACE – Echoes Of My Mind (Polydor Single) [T]

SAM MAROWITZ WITH CHARLES ALBERTINE AND HIS ORCHESTRA – Alone With The Blues (Big Sam and his Sentimental Sax [a.k.a. Sounds in the Night]) [T]

PATRICK D. MARTIN – Computer Datin' (I.R.S. Greatest Hits Vols. 2 & 3) [T]

DIE MATADORS – Wassermann [Aquarius] (Haare) [B]

THE MAUNA LOA ISLANDERS – Sweet Leilani (Music Of the Islands) [T]

PAUL MAURIAT – Adieu À La Nuit (Blooming Hits) [T]

MAYSA – Barquinho (Barquinho) [B]

CHARLIE MCCOY – Good Vibrations (The World of Charlie McCoy) [B]

GENE MCDANIELS – The Point of No Return (Hit After Hit) [B]

GARY MCFARLAND & PETER SMITH – Rain on the Ocean (Butterscotch Rum) [T]

ROD MCKUEN – Some Trust in Chariots (The Best of Rod McKuen) [B]

MEDICINE – Never Click (The Buried Life) [B]

MEIRELES E SUA ORQUESTRA – Praça Onze (Brazilian Beat) [B]

THE SERGIO MENDES TRIO – Let Me (In the Brazilian Bag [a.k.a. Brasil ’65]) [B]

BUDDY MERRILL – Holiday For Guitars (Holiday For Guitars) [B]

STEPHIN MERRITT – The Song From Venus (Obscurities) [B]

THE MEXICALI SINGERS – All My Loving (The Further Adventures of the Mexicali Singers) [B]

RAOUL MEYNARD – On a Little Street in Singapore (Passport to Pleasure) [B]

MGMT – Time to Pretend (Oracular Spectacular) [B]

JODY MILLER – Queen of the House (Capitol Single) [B]

MRS. MILLER – Up, Up, and Away (Mrs. Miller Does Her Thing) [B]

MIMI – Black Hole Sun (Soak) [B]

CARMEN MIRANDA – Chica, Chica, Boom, Chic (Mambo Lounge: Cool Latin Rhythms Volume 3) [B]

MISS ANGIE – Don’t Go Gettin’ (Triumphantine) [B]

JIMMY MITCHELL AND TONY MOTTOLA – Spinning Wheel (Hawaii Five-O) [T]

ROBERT MITCHUM – Not Me (calypso - is like so…) [B]

MONO PUFF – Dr. Kildare (Hello Recording Club 1995/03) [T]

MONTEFIORI COCKTAIL – La Voglia, la Pazzia (Raccolta n.3) [B]

HUGO MONTENEGRO – Superstition (Hugo In Wonder-Land) [T]

WES MONTGOMERY – Yesterday (Greatest Hits) [T]

THE MOOG COOKBOOK – Black Hole Sun (The Moog Cookbook) [B]

THE MOOG MACHINE – Yummy Yummy Yummy (Switched-On Rock) [T]

HAL MOONEY – Bye Bye Blues (Woodwinds and Percussion) [B]

MOONRAKERS – Not Hidin’ Anymore (Together with Him) [B]

THE MOONRIDERS – Lawrence of Arabia (Artcom Single) [T]

THE RICHIE MOORE TRIO – It's a Groovy, Groovy World (It's a Groovy, Groovy World) [T]

MORELENBAUM2/SAKAMOTO – Cancao Em Modo Menor (Casa) [T]

GIORGIO MORODER – Utopia - Me Giorgio (From Here to Eternity) [B]

MOTT THE HOOPLE – Roll Away the Stone (The Hoople) [B]

BOB MOULD – I Don't Know You Anymore (Beauty & Ruin) [B]

ROGER KING MOZIAN – How High the Moon (Spectacular Percussion) [B]

THE MULCAYS – Saber Dance (My Happiness) [B]

WERNER MÜLLER AND HIS ORCHESTRA – Bali Ha'i (Hawaiian Swing) [T]

LOS MÚSICOS DE JOSÉ – Chica Bum (Magnetic) [B]

MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Only Shallow (Loveless) [B]

THE MYSTIC MOODS ORCHESTRA – Homeward Bound (Emotions) [T]


HAICHIDAI NAKAMURA – Aki No Irokusa [Colorful Autumn Grass] (Rainy Night in Tokyo) [B]

JIMMY NAMARO TRIO – Soft Sands (Driftwood) [T]

NAPOLEON XIV – Doin' the Napoleon (They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!) [B]

NINO NARDINI & ROGER ROGER – Bali Girl (Jungle Obsession) [T]

NICK NASTOS AND HIS FIREBALLERS – Cleopatra Dance (Guitars on Fire) [B]

SANDY NELSON – No Matter What Shape [Your Stomach’s In] (“In” Beat) [T]

ROSE NETANE – Kon Tiki Theme (Welcome to My World) [T]

PAUL NEW AND THE CREW – Quiet Village (What’s New? That’s What’s New!) [T]

THE NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS – Mister Tamburino (In Italy... In Italian) [T]

NEW WORLD ELECTRONIC CHAMBER ENSEMBLE – Norwegian Wood (Switched-On Beatles) [T]

ANDY LOORE [JANCO NILOVIC] – Fish Story (Water Show) [T]

HARRY NILSSON – 1941 (Pandemonium Shadow Show) [T]

DAVID NIVEN – Napoleon to Josephine (…Reads the World’s Most Famous Love Letters) [B]

THE NOMADS – The Way [You Touch My Hand] (Showdown! 1981-1993) [T]

NON CREDO – Warszawa (Single) [T]

LARRY NORMAN – The Last Supper (Upon This Rock) [B]

LOS NORTE AMERICANOS – Get Back (The Tijuana Beatles) [T]

ALEX NORTH – Monte Carlo (North of Hollywood) [B]

NOUVELLE VAGUE – Ever Fallen In Love (Bande a Part) [B]

THE NUTLEY BRASS – Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (Ramones Songbook As Played by…) [B]

THE NUTTY SQUIRRELS – When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along (Bird Watching) [B]


HAZEL O’CONNOR – Writing on the Wall (Breaking Glass) [B]

THE OCTOPUS PROJECT – Sharpteeth (Fever Forms) [B]

ANITA O'DAY & CAL TJADER – An Occasional Man (Time for 2) [T]

GILBERT O'SULLIVAN – January Git (Himself) [T]

PHIL OCHS – Changes (Classic Folk Music From Smithsonian Folkways) [T]

ANDREW OLDHAM ORCHESTRA – As Tears Go By (The Rolling Stones Songbook) [T]

OLIVER – The Arrangement (Good Morning Starshine) [B]

OLIVER ONIONS – Santa Maria ( Santa Maria) [T]

HECTOR OLIVERA – Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Two Sides of Hector) [B]

MICHAEL OMARTIAN – The Rest is Up to You (White Horse) [B]

ORCHESTRA DEL ORO – Song Of India [Rimsky-Korsakov] (The Pop Classics Go Latin) [T]

L’ORCHESTRE DES CONCERT ROMANTICA – Oedo Nihombashi [Nihombashi Bridge in Edo] (Nostalgic Fantasies of Japan) [B]

REG OWEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA – Manhattan Spiritual (Manhattan Spiritual) [T]

ORIGAMI – Snooze (V/A – Matanga Collection 1) [B]

FRANKIE ORTEGA & SY OLIVER – Free Way Mambo (77 Sunset Strip) [B]

EDDIE OSBORN – Saints (Baldwin Organ & Bongos) [B]

HAZY OSTERWALD JETSET – Swinging London (Jet Set) [B]

HAZY OSTERWALD SEXTETT – Tango Bombastico (Schlagerjuwelen - Ihre großen Erfolge) [B]

KNUCKLES O’TOOLE – Nola (…Plays the Greatest All-Time Ragtime Hits) [B]

BUCK OWENS AND HIS BUCKAROOS – Buck's Polka (I Don’t Care) [T]


¡LOS PADRINOS! – La Trampa Del Bulevar (V/A: Antojitos Mexicanos Volumen 16) [B]

THE PARIS SISTERS – I Love How You Love Me (…Sing Their Greatest Hits) [B]

THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY – Come On Get Happy (Greatest Hits) [B]

THE PASSIONS – Gloria (Audicon single) [T]

MIKE PATTON – Deep Down (Mondo Cane) [T]

RITA PAVONE – Il Ballo Del Mattone (Rita Pavone) [T]

EDDIE PAWL – Snowfall & Poinciana (A Night at the Lido, St. Clair Shores, MI) [T]

THE PEDDLERS – Handle With Care (How Cool Is Cool) [T]

PEGGY & BRAD – Runaway (The Evocatively Captivating Guitar/Vocal Stylings of...) [B]

ANDRÉ PENAZZI – Levanta Manguiera (Organ Jazz Samba & Percussion) [T]

ARMANDO PERAZA – Funky Broadway (Wild Thing) [T]

NICK PERITO – The Continental (Blazing Latin Brass) [B]

JEAN-CLAUDE PETIT – Dance Of The Insects (Betty Page Jungle Girl) [T]

THE PILLBUGS – I Don't Really Mean To Freak Your Mind (Buzz for Aldrin) [B]

ROGER PILON ET SES PERCUSSIONS – Cotton Candy (Stéréo Percussion) [T]

PINE*AM – Rayon Cosmetique (Playing Intense Neutral Electronica ad nauseAM) [B]

PINK FLOYD – Arnold Layne (1965-1967: Cambridge St/ation) [B]

MARC PLAINGUET – E=motions² (World Media) [B]

THE PLAYERS – Eco de Amor (Pearls of Love) [B]

FRANK PLEYER AND HIS ORCHESTRA – Lady Like (Romantic Mood) [T]

THE PLIMSOULS – Great Big World (Zero Hour EP) [B]

THE PLUGZ – El Clavo Y La Cruz (Repo Man soundtrack) [T]

THE PLUNDERERS – I'll Get Lucky (V/A: This Ain’t the Plimsouls) [B]

SIDNEY POITIER – The Philosopher-King Must Rule (Poitier Meets Plato) [B]

IGGY POP – Repo Man (Repo Man soundtrack) [T]

ANDRÉ POPP – Manchester et Liverpool (Musique à ma façon – My Way Of Music) [T]

THE POPPY FAMILY – Happy Island (Which Way You Goin’ Billy?) [B]

THE POSIES – My Big Mouth (Dear 23) [B]

THE POSTMARKS – Thorn In Your Side (Memoirs at the End of the World) [B]

BADEN POWELL – Canto De Ossanha (Spirit Of Brazil: Acoustic & Electronic Vibes) [T]


PATTY PRAVO – La Bambola (RCA Victor single) [T]

ANDRÉ PREVIN – Kiss Me, Stupid (Popular Previn: Andre Previn Play's Today's Big Hits) [T]

PRIMAL SCREAM – Burning Wheel [New Edit] (Dirty Hits) [B]

THE PRIMITIVES – Spacehead (Lovely) [B]

PUFFY – Shall We Dance? (Splurge – Japanese Edition) [B]


I QUELLI – Una Bambolina Che Fa No No (Ricordi single) [T]

QUICKFLIGHT – Metro Alien (Decent Beat) [B]

QUINN’S COMBO – Quinn's Tamure (Tahiti – Yesterday and Today) [B]

DON LUIZ QUINTERO PLUS THE MARIO VALERO DANCERS – Fiesta Trianera (Sizzling Strings, Castanets & Percussion) [B]

LE QUINTETTE DU HOT CLUB DE FRANCE – Stompin' At Decca (Souvenirs) [T]


RABBITT – Betty Betty Bye Bye (Rabbitt 1) [T]
RACHAEL & VILRAY – I Can't Go to Sleep (Rachael & Vilray) [T]
RAINY DAY SAINTS – Mirror Mystery (Diamond Star Highway) [B]
BOOTS RANDOLPH – The Letter (Boots with Brass) [B]
KATINA RANIERI – Johnny West Il Mancino [The Left Handed Gunfighter] – Finale (VA: Classic Italian Soundtracks-Spaghetti Westerns Volume 1) [T]
ELDON RATHBURN – City Faces (Labyrinthe) [T]
LOU RAWLS – You Can Bring Me All Your Heartaches (The Very Best Of Lou Rawls: You'll Never Find Another) [T]
THE REDCOATS – Man (Meet The Redcoats!) [B]
ROBERT REDFORD – Opening Howl (The Language and Music of the Wolves) [B]
MIKE REED – Night Train (Make It with Mike) [B]
LES REED AND HIS ORCHESTRA – Imogene (Fly Me To The Sun) [T]
JIMMY REESOR – Television Atom Bomb (Easy Coffee Cup) [B]
HANS REICHEL – Shanghaied On Tor Road (Shanghaied On Tor Road) [B]
KAI REINER – I Don't Want Your Crown (Kai Reiner) [B]
MEMO REMIGI – Innamorati A Milano (Rifi Single) [T]
CHANTAL RENAUD – Plattsburgh Drive-in Blues (Comme un garçon) [T]
TONY RENIS – Quando Dico Che Ti Amo (RCA Single) [T]
THE RESIDENTS – I Got Rhythm (George and James) [B]
I RIBELLI – La Nostra Favola (Delilah) (I Ribelli) [B]
MICHÈLE RICHARD – J’Aime Vivre (VA: 10e Anniversaire Echos Vedettes) [T]
SIR RALPH RICHARDSON – The Tiger (The Poetry of Blake) [B]
DAVE RICHMOND – Movin’ Along (VA: Electronic Toys – A Retrospective of 70’s Synthesizer Music) [T]
RICO – Sea Cruise (VA: The 2 Tone Collection: A Checkered Past) [T]
NELSON RIDDLE & 101 STRINGS ORCHESTRA – Swingin' Stampede (Nelson Riddle Arranges and Conducts 101 Strings) [T]
STAN RIDGWAY – We Never Close (Mr. Trouble) [T]
JOHNNY RIVERS – The Eleventh Song (Rewind) [T]
HOWARD ROBERTS CHORUS – Lady Willpower (Dream a Little Dream of Me) [B]
ROCKY ROBERTS & I PIRAÑAS– Sono Tremendo (Durium Single) [T]
FLOYD ROBINSON – Grin and Bear It (Barney the Bear Sings Bible Stories) [B]
FLOYD ROBINSON – Walk Right In (12 String Guitar) [B]
JIMMIE RODGERS – You Pass Me By (VA: Family Portrait – 16 Outstanding Selections From A&M Records) [T]
RUBEN RODRIGUEZ & HIS GUADALAJARA KINGS – It’s Not Unusual (Ruben Rodriguez & His Guadalajara Kings) [B]
TOMMY ROE – Heather Honey (Dizzy) [B]
ROGER ROGER – Rumbanita (VA: Betty Page Jungle Girl) [T]
MARY WELCH ROGERS – Waffle House Thank You (V/A: Waffle House Juke Box Vol. 1) [B]
THE ROKES – Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi (Arc Single) [T]
SPENCER ROSS & HIS ORCHESTRA – Tracy’s Theme (VA: Discoveries Presents Instrumental Oldies) [T]
ROXY MUSIC – Could It Happen To Me? (Siren) [B]
CARLOS RUBIO – Anae Atoa (Tamouré) [B]
HILTON RUIZ – Mambo Inn (VA: Jazz Cafe – Latin) [T]



For reference, listed below are the selections played on the original Encyclopedia of Sound shows, which aired from December 13, 2009 to December 19, 2010 on Thrifting for Tunes and The Beyondophonic Action Hour.


EDIE ADAMS – Stouthearted Men (Music To Listen To Records By)

SCILTIAN ADAMS – Friday Girl (His Orchestra And Choir)

LEO ADDEO – The Shiek of Araby (More Hawaii in Hi-Fi)

KIP ANDERSON & THE TIDES – The Wayward Wind (Shango!)

LAURIE ANDERSON – Sharky's Day [Edit] (Selections From Mr. Heartbreak)

LEONA ANDERSON – Hep Cat (Music To Suffer By)

LEROY ANDERSON – The Typewriter (Conducts Leroy Anderson)

MARION ANDERSON – Poor Forgotten Snoopy (Snoopycat)


MAYA ANGELOU – Oo-Dla-Ba-Doo (Miss Calypso)

ANN-MARGRET – Thirteen Men (The Many Moods of)

ADAM ANT – A Man Called Marco (Friend or Foe)

ELY ARCOVERDE QUARTETO – Nem O Mar Sabia (Ely Arcoverde Quarteto)

SUSUMA ARIMA AND HIS MISTY SOUNDS – Up Up And Away (The Dock Of The Bay – New Created Sounds)

ARLING & CAMERON – How About the Boys? (All In)

CHET ATKINS – Anna (Hi-Fi In Focus)

DAVID AXELROD – Song Of Innocence (Songs Of Innocence)



BAKER ST. PHILHARMONIC – Daydream (Je T'aime Moi Non Plus)

WARREN BARKER – Moonflowers (A Musical Touch of Far Away Places)

COUNT BASIE – OO7 (Basie Meets Bond)

SID BASS – Star Dust (From Another World)

LES BAXTER – Trade Winds (Bora Bora – Original Soundtrack)

HARRY BELAFONTE – Zombie Jamboree (Calypso In Brass)

VINNIE BELL – Airport Love Theme (Airport Love Theme)

THE B-52's – Detour Thru Your Mind (Bouncing Off the Satellites)

STANLEY BLACK – Temptation (Exotic Percussion)

HONOR BLACKMAN – Men Will Deceive You (Everything I've Got)

CLAUDE BORLY – Taboo (Music In 5 Dimensions)

THE BOX TOPS – Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March (Dimensions)

BRASILIA MODERN SIX – I Say A Little Prayer (Estreia)

THE BRASS RING – Anna (Lara's Theme)


CHARLIE BYRD – Galveston (Aquarius))


CACULINHA, SEU ORGAO E SEU CONJUNTO – Minha Namorada (Samb'acao)

VIC CAESAR – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds")

AL CAIOLA – Underwater Chase (Sounds for Spies and Private Eyes)

CALEXICO – Stray (The Black Light)

CAMARATA – Tired of Waiting (Think Young)

CHARLES CAMILLERI – Jungle Fantasy (Spectacular Accordions)

THE RAY CAMPI QUARTET – Brown Eyes And Train Rhythm Blue (Train Rhythm Blue)

RENATO CAROSONE – Buonanotte (I Piu Grandi Successi di)

RENATO CARASONE – Pigliate 'Na Pastiglia (Blue Italian Skies)12/13/2009)

FRANKIE CARLE – Quiet Village (The Tropical Style of)12/13/2009)

SERGIO CARVALHO – Villa Rica (Alta Tensao)12/13/2009)

THE CATAMARAN SERENADERS – Main Theme from Mutiny on the Bounty (Tempos of Tahiti)

GEORGE CATES – Drifting and Dreaming (Polynesian Percussion)

CHAINO – Congo Serenade (Sounds of Africa)

ALIDA CHELLI – Beat Boat (The Ennio Morricone Chronicles Vol. 08)

CHER – The Girl From Ipanema (Super Pak Vol. 2)

CHRISTY – Deep Down (Danger Diabolik)

CLOUSEAUX – Lost Lagoon-Intro (Lagoon)

ART COATES – Quando Quando Quando (Whistling Like the Birds)

AUGIE COLON – Jungle Drums (Chant Of The Jungle)

COMBUSTIBLE EDISON – Short Double Latte (Schizophonic!)

COMPARSA UNIVERSITARIA – Zoologico Negro (Magic Trumpet)

FRANK COMSTOCK – Galaxy (Music from Outer Space)

CONJUNTO 3D – Patruira Samba (Muito na Onda)

PAUL CONRAD – Deep Night (Exotic Paradise)

THE BOB CREWE GENERATION – Anna (Music To Watch Girls By)

THE CUFF LINKS – Sally Ann (Tracy)

XAVIER CUGAT – Bang Bang (Cugie-a-Go-Go) [B

MICKY CURTIS AND HIS CITY CROWS – Beyond the Reef (On the Beach)


DAN AND DALE – The Bomb (The Sleepwalk Guitars of Dan and Dale)

DANIEL AMOS – Autographs For the Sick (Doppelganger)

LEO DAN – Supercalifragilisticoespialidoso (Libre, Solterito y Sin Nadie)

JACKIE DAVIS – Perfidia (Hammond Gone Cha-Cha)

LENNY DEE – Fly Me To the Moon (The Lenny Dee Tour)

FRANCO DE GEMINI – Beat 700 (The Man with the Harmonica)

LEO DE LYON – The Happy Sounds of Paree (The Man Called Flintstone)

THE DEL RUBIO TRIPLETS – El Condor Pasa (Three Gals, Three Guitars)

MARTIN DENNY – Anna (Exotic Percussion)


DEREK & RAY – Green Hornet Theme (The Keyboard Sounds of Today)

EUMIR DEODATO – Amelia (Tremendao)

LEO DIAMOND – How High The Moon (Subliminal Sounds)

DIMITRI FROM PARIS – Une Very Stylish Fille (SacreBleu)

DINO – Ho Messo Gli Occhi Su Di Te (Canto Morricone Vol. 1 – The 60's)

DOODLETOWN PIPERS – Spanish Flea (Sing-Along '67)

ROBERT DRASNIN – Tahitian Dream (Voodoo II)

DRYWALL – Wexstun Burns The Money (The Drywall Incident)

DUTCH BAND ORGAN – Patricia (Dutch Band Organ)


DUANE EDDY – Roarin' (The Roarin' Twangies)

DUANE EDDY – This Town (Strung Out On Something New)

WEBLEY EDWARDS – Forbidden Waters (Fire Goddess)

THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY CONCEPTS – Have You Ever Seen Your Mother, Baby… (In the 20th Century Bag)

THE ELECTRONIC CONCEPT ORCHESTRA – Wichita Lineman (Electric Love)

THE ELECTRO-SONIC ORCHESTRA – Mack the Knife (The Electro-Sonic Orchestra)

LES & LARRY ELGART – Thunder Shake (Elgart Au Go-Go)


ESQUIVEL – Anna (Infinity In Sound Vol. 2)

PAUL EVANS – Happy-Go-Lucky-Me (Pecker)

THE EXCITERS – Run, Mascara (Something To Shout About)


PERCY FAITH – 1-2-3 (Themes for the – In" Crowd)

FRANCES FAYE – Perfidia (Frances Faye In Frenzy)

FERRANTE & TEICHER – Anna (Dos Amigos)

THE FIBONACCIS – Sergio Leone (Repressed, The Best Of The Fibonaccis, 1981-1987)

NICO FIDENCO – All 'Ombra Di Una Colt (Italian Western Movie Themes)

JERRY FIELDING – Never On Sunday (Near East Brass West Coast Style)

THE's – The Barracuda (Pin Heel Stomp)

THE FLYING LIZARDS – TV (The Flying Lizards)

RALPH FONT – Tabu (Tabu)

THE FOUR AYALONS – Fatima (Sing Along With Israel)

CONNIE FRANCIS – Lahaina Luna (Hawaii Connie)


FREE DESIGN – That's All, People (Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love)

PAUL FREES (AS ED WYNN) – Up, Up, and Away (Paul Frees & The Poster People)

FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTNEZ – All The Pretty Horses (The Shadow of Your Smile)

DOMENIC FRONTIERE – Jaguar God (Pagan Festival)

MITCHELL FROOM – Wave (Dopamine)

THE FUN BOY THREE – It Ain't What You Do… (The Fun Boy Three)

ANNETTE FUNICELLO – Pineapple Princess (Hawaiiannette)

FUTURE CLOUDS & RADAR – This Is Really a Book" and – Holy Janet Comes On Waves (Future Clouds & Radar)


SERGE GAINSBOURG – Un Poison Violent, C'est Ça L'Amour (Comic Strip)

MORT GARSON – Cancer at Work (Signs of the Zodiac Cancer)

THE GENTLE PEOPLE – Laurie's Theme (Soundtracks For Living)

GIANT CRAB – Invasion of Helios (Cool It... Helios)

ASTRUD GILBERTO – Argomenti (Gli Scassinatori)

BOBBY GIMBY – Ca-na-da" (Single)

THE GIRLS FROM BAHIA – Road To Nowhere (!Revolucion con Brasilia!)

TOM GLAZER – Why Does The Sun Shine? (Space Songs)

THE GLITTERHOUSE – Princess of the Gingerland (Colorblind)

CRISPIN GLOVER – untitled Bonus Track 1 (The Big Problem ? The Solution. The Solution = Let It Be.)

THE GO! TEAM – Bottle Rocket (Thunder, Lightning, Strike)

MARTY GOLD – Goldfinger (Something Special For Movie Lovers)

MARTY GOLD AND HIS ORCHESTRA – Jungle Drums (Skin Tight)

JERRY GOLDSMITH – Our Man Flint (In Like Flint/Our Man Flint)


THE GOZOO BAND – Stop Stop Stop (Sounds That Are Happening!)

MAURIZIO GRAF – Angel Face (I Western)

BERNIE GREEN – Railroad Train Samba (Plays More Than You Can Stand In Stereo)

URBIE GREEN – Lumps (Green Power)

GRUPO FANTASMA – El Sabio Soy Yo (Sonidos Gold)

DANNY & DENA GUGLIELMI – A-E-I-O-U (Adventure In Sound)


BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS – Harlem Nocturne (Mr. Rock & Roll)

FRANCOISE HARDY – Je Veux Qu'il Revienne (Je Vous Aime)

THE HARMONICATS – Theme From The Avengers (Great Themes From TV And Motion Pictures)

RICHARD HAYMAN – Spanish Eyes (Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine)

LEE HAZLEWOOD – Lone Ranger Ain't My Friend Anymore (I'll Be Your Baby Tonight)

JOEY HEATHERTON – God Only Knows (The Joey Heatherton Album)

HECATE'S ANGELS – Hidden Persuader (Hidden Persuader)

NEAL HEFTI – Mr. Freeze (The Batman Theme + 11 Hefti Bat Songs)

NEAL HEFTI – Vikki (Boeing Boeing)

SKIP HELLER – Hurricane Apartment (Lua-O-Milo)

HERALDO E SEU CONJUNTO – Samba Que Eu Quero Ver (Dancando Com O Sucesso No. 2)

THE HERD – From The Underworld (Underworld)

HERMAN'S HERMITS – Ace, King, Queen, Jack (Blaze)

AL HIRT – Skokiaan (The Happy Trumpet)

KRISTIAN HOFFMAN – I'm Alive (Various Artists Sing Hollies In Reverse)

THE HOLLIES – I Can't Let Go (30th Anniversary Collection)

LEROY HOLMES AND AL CAIOLA – The Big Gundown (Non-Stop Western Themes)

HOODOO GURUS – Whoopee Cushion (Blue Cave)

HOT BUTTER – Apache (Popcorn)

FRANK HUNTER – White Goddess (White Goddess)



NEIL INNES – Mr. Eurovision (Neil's Song Blog)

I WAS A KING – Golden Years (I Was A King)

IMPALA – Venus Flytrap (Kings of the Strip)

INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND – Bongolia (Bongo Rock)

LOS INDIOS TABA-JARAS – Baia (Los Indios Taba-Jaras)

IRA IRONSTRINGS – Alabamy Bound (Plays With Matches)

THE ISLANDERS – City Under the Sea (The Enchanted Sound of the Islanders)


BILL JAFFEE AND HIS ISLANDERS – Hawaiian Paradise (Hawaiian Paradise)

THE JAM – Batman Theme (In The City)

JAN & DEAN – Submarine Races (Ride The Wild Surf)

HORST JANKOWSKI – When The Girls Go Marching In (The Genius of Jankowski!)

GUUS JANSEN – Jungle Rhythm (Dutch Exotica)

PEPE JARAMILLO – Diamonds Are Forever (Mexican Voodoo)

GORDON JENKINS – The Party (Manhattan Tower)

THE JETSET – Five (JetSetMania)


DON JOHNSON – Perdido (King of Organ With a Beat!)

LAURIE JOHNSON – Something's Coming (Something's Coming)

HILTON KEAN JONES – Eastmontage (excerpt) (Eastmontage)

HOWARD JONES – Things Can Only Get Better (Ext.) (excerpt) (12" single)

JONAH JONES – I Dig Chicks (I Dig Chicks)

QUINCY JONES – Boogie Bossa Nova (Big Band Bossa Nova)


SPIKE JONES w/ DEL PORTER – Little Bo Beep Has Lost Her Jeep (NOT Your Standard Spike Jones Collection)

TOM JONES – Riders In The Sky (Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings)

ROBERTO JORDAN – Na Na Hey Hey Adios (40 Temas Originales)

IRVING JOSEPH – Prison Break (Murder, Inc.)

JOY ELECTRIC – Strawberry Heart (Robot Rock)

JOTA JUNIOR E SEU CONJUNTO – Balanceando (Nova Bossa Nova)

BILL JUSTIS – Quiet Village (More Instrumental Hits By)


BERT KAEMPFERT – Afrikaan Beat (The Very Best Of Bert Kaempfert)

BERT KAEMPFERT – Wimoweh (That Happy Feeling)

KAHIMI KARIE – Good Morning World (Kahimi Karie)

KASENETZ-KATZ ORCHESTRAL CIRKUS – Beethoven Symphony #9 (Classical Smoke)

FRED KATZ – The Little Shop of Horrors (Main Title) (The Little Shop of Horrors Soundtrack)

KAVA KON – Chinese Surfer (Tiki For The Atomic Age)

SAMMY KAYE – The House of the Rising Sun (Come Dance With Me No. 2)

ALEX KEACK – Why Me (Surfers Paradise)

JOHN KEATING – The Persuaders Theme (John Keating Conducts)

BOB KEESHAN & THE HONEYDREAMERS – Introduction / African Drums (A Child's Introduction to Jazz)

KLARK KENT – Too Kool To Kalypso (Kollected Works)

KEITH – 98.6 (98.6/Ain't Gonna Lie)

KID KOALA – Elevator Hopper (Some of My Best Friends Are DJs)

THE KILLER JOE ORCHESTRA – Killer Joe (Killer Joe's International Discotheque)

ANDY KIM – Rock Me Gently (Greatest Hits)

THE KIM SISTERS – Charlie Brown (Their First Album)

KING KUKULELE – The Friki Tikis (King Kukulele & the Friki Tikis)

GERSHON KINGSLEY – Hey Hey (Music To Moog By)

GERSHON KINGSLEY – Trumansburg Whistle (Music To Moog By)

THE KINKS – Two Sisters (Something Else)

EARTHA KITT – There Is No Cure For L'amour (Eartha Quake)

JOHN KLEIN – Malaguena (Bells on High-Fi)

JONATHAN KNIGHT – Bali Hai (Lonely Harpsichord Rainy Night In Shangri-La)

KOKEE BAND – Baia (Exotica 1970)

ANDRE KOSTELANETZ – And God Created Whales (excerpt) (And God Created Whales)

PHIL KRAUS – Goofus (The Percussive Phil Kraus)

BERNIE KRAUSE – Fish Wrap (Jungle Shoes)


LAIKA & THE COSMONAUTS – Delayrium (The Amazing Colossal Band)

FRANKIE LAINE – High Noon (Hell Bent for Leather)

THE LANGLEY SCHOOLS MUSIC PROJECT – Good Vibrations (Innocence & Despair)

JAMES LAST – Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Classics Up To Date)

DONALD LAUTREC – Un Jour, un Jour (Single)

LAVERNE & SHIRLEY – Da Doo Run Run (Laverne & Shirley Sing)

MIKE LEANDER – The Letter (A Time For Young Love)

LEDERHOSEN LUCIL – Fidelio Carnivalis (Hosemusik)

KATIE LEE – Don'tville (Life Is Just a Bed of Neuroses)

MICHEL LEGRAND – Alcatraz (Archi-Cordes)

RAYMOND LEGRAND – Istanbul (Raymond Legrand et Son Orchestre)

THE LEMON PIPERS – Jelly Jungle (Jungle Marmalade)

THE LENNON SISTERS – I Want To Hold Your Hand (#1 Hits of the Sixties)

LENNY & SQUIGGY – Love Is a Terrible Thing (Lenny & the Squigtones)

THE INCREDIBLE MOSES LEROY – Fuzzy (Electric Pocket Radio)

ENOCH LIGHT – The Natives Are Restless Tonight (Provocative Percussion Vol. 2)

ED LINCOLN – Meu Querido Amor (O Ganso)

LINDBERG HEMMER FOUNDATION – Sweden (Brazillian Architecture)

LANCELOT LINK – Evolution Revolution (Lancelot Link & the Evolution Revolution)

JOHN LINNELL – Mississippi (State Songs)

THE LIVERPOOL SCENE – Bat Poem (The Amazing Adventures of...)

EDÚ LOBO – Casa Forte (Cantiga De Longe)

CLAUDINE LONGET – God Only Knows (The Very Best of...)

ANDY LOORE – Fish Story (Water Show)

LORD SITAR – Daydream Believer (Lord Sitar)

SOPHIA LOREN – Soldi, Soldi, Soldi (Greatest Hits)

THE LOST DOGS – Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson – On the Good Ship Lollipop (Little Red Riding Hood)

LOUISELLE – La Mia Vita (The Ennio Morricone Chronicles Vol. 04)

LOVELETTER – Penelope (Beethoven Chopin Kitchen Fraud)

NICK LOWE – Rollers Show (Pure Pop For Now People)

LULU – The Boat That I Row (The Gold Collection)

JOHN LURIE – Fishing With John (Fishing With John Original Music From The Series)

LUSHY – French 75 (Lushy)

ARTHUR LYMAN – The (Jungle) Cat (Lyman '66)

JACKIE LYNTON – The Ballad Of Hank McCain Part 2 (Canto Morricone Vol. 2 Western Songs & Ballads)


GALT MACDERMOT – One Beat Short (Foolish Lover)

LOS MACHUCAMBOS – La Palomita (Los Machucambos)

MICHEL MAGNE – El Cumbanchero (Tropical Fantasy)

THE MAGNETIC FIELDS – Meaningless (69 Love Songs Vol. 3)

FRANK – 88" MALONE – Music To Watch Girls By (Player Piano Hits of the '60s)

THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS – Once Was a Time I Thought (The Mamas and the Papas)

HENRY MANCINI – Adventures in Paradise (Music Of Hawaii)

HENRY MANCINI – Harmonica Man (Plays the Theme from Love Story)

SY MANN – Jingle Bells (Switched on Santa)

MARTY MANNING – Far Away Places (The Twilight Zone)

MAN...or ASTRO-MAN? – Munsters Theme (Intravenous Television Continuum)

GILLES MARCHAL – Je Ne Suis Qu'un Pauvre Homme (Total Lee 8)

THE MARKETTS – Collision Course (Out of Limits)

RAY MARTIN – Thunderball (Thunderball and Other Thriller Music)

MIRANDA MARTINO – Meglio Stasera (The Ennio Morricone Chronicles Vol. 03)

MASKULL – Hollywood Gypsy (Maskull)

ROBERT MAXWELL – The Breeze And I (Shangra-La)

GARY McFARLAND – Bloop Bleep (The In Sound)

GIANNI MECCIA and JIMMY FONTANA – Bugiarda (I Grandi Successi originali)

JOE MEEK – Telstar [1st Stage Demo] (Portrait of a Genius The RGM Legacy)

MELLOW – Mellow, Part 1 (Another Mellow Spring)

HELEN MERRILL – Nun E' Peccato (The Ennio Morricone Chronicles Vol. 02)

MESSER CHUPS – Diabolik Boogie (Crazy Price)

JEREMY MESSERSMITH –  Organ Donor (The Reluctant Graveyard)

HAYLEY MILLS – Jeepers Creepers (Let's Get Together)

MINA – Se Telefonando (Se Telefonando…)

THE MIND EXPANDERS – Love Syndrome (What's Happening!)

MINT ROYALE – From Rusholme with Love (On the Ropes)

DUKE MITCHELL – 100 Hundred Years from Today (soundtrack version) (Tonight We Eat, Tomorrow We Shoot)

MITSOU – A Funny Place (The World Is) (Terre des hommes)

JACKIE MITTOO and THE SOUL BROTHERS – From Russia with Love (Last Train To Skaville)

DOMENICO MODUGNO – Uccellacci E Uccellini (Uccellacci E Uccellini)

RITA MONICO – Thrilling (Canto Morricone Vol. 1 – The 60's)

THE MONKEES – Daddy's Song (Head)

MATT MONRO – Start Living (Who Can I Turn To?)

LOU MONTE – The Sheik Of Araby (The Sheik Of Napoli) (The Very Best Of Lou Monte)

HUGO MONTENEGRO – The Ecstasy of Gold (Music from The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly and...)

HUGO MONTENEGRO – Love Theme from the Godfather (Love Theme from The Godfather)

MOONDOG – Lament 1 Bird's Lament (The German Years)

DET MOOR ORCHESTRA with BOB MERSEY – Jazz Dramatic (Jazz From Great TV Shows)

PHIL MOORE – Return To Paradise (Polynesian Paradise)

GIANNI MORANDI – Go Kart Twist (Diciottenni al sole)

ENNIO MORRICONE – Ho Messo Gli Occhi Su Di Te (Manage all'Italiana)

BUDDY MORROW – A Descent into the Maelstrom (Poe for Moderns)

TONY MOTTOLA – Guitar U.S.A. (Guitar U.S.A.)

THE MOVE – Flowers in the Rain (The Move)

HERMAN & LILY MUNSTER – Knock Upon Our Door (At Home with the Munsters)

OS MUTANTES – Tempo No Tempo (Os Mutantes)


NINO NARDINI – Jungle Jazz (Betty Page Jungle Girl)

WAZMO NARIZ – Silencio Por Favor (The Impala Studios Mystery Tape)

OGDEN NASH – Good Night, Sweet Mind (The Fanciful World of...)

NATHALIE ET CHRISTINE – Femmes (Erotheque)

THE NATIONAL GALLERY – Fear of Becoming Double (The National Gallery)

NEGATIVLAND – The Greatest Taste Around (DisPepsi)

NELORIES – Banana (Hello Recording Club CD 1993/04)

BILL NELSON – Eros Arriving (The Love That Whirls (Diary of a Thinking Heart))

SANDY NELSON – Hey Joe (Superdrums)

THE NEPTUNAS – Double-O Seafoam (Secret Agent S.O.U.N.D.S.)

PETER NERO – Be In (Hits from – Hair" to Hollywood)

PETER NERO – Midnight Cowboy Everybody's Talkin' (Midnight Cowboy)

WILSON NEVES E SEU CONJUNTO – Brazzaville (Juventude 2000)

ANTHONY NEWLEY – Pop Goes the Weasel (Peak Performances)

THE NEW ALBANIAN RIOTS – The Autumn People (Unknown Worlds)

THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS – Letter From an Occupant (Electric Version)

THE NEW PUSSYCATS – It's Not Unusual (an unreleased live recording)

THE NEW SOCIETY – Dawn of Sorrow (The Barock Sound of...)

BRUNO NICOLAI – 100,000 For Ringo (Classic Italian Soundtracks- Spaghetti Westerns Volume Two)

NILSSON – Poli High (The Point)

LEONARD NIMOY – Music to Watch Space Girls By (Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space)

LEONARD NIMOY – Nature Boy (The Touch of Leonard Nimoy)

1910 FRUITGUM CO. – Goody Goody Gumdrops (Juiciest Fruitgum)

JACK NITZSCHE – The Last Race (Big Boss Instrumentals)

NOBODY – Wake Up and Smell the Millenium (And Everything Else...)

JIM NOIR – A Quiet Man (Tower Of Love)

KLAUS NOMI – Nomi Song (Klaus Nomi)

NOONDAY UNDERGROUND – That Noonday Sun (Surface Noise)

KEN NORDINE – Clock (Wink)

KEN NORDINE – The Conqueror Worm (Closed On Account Of Rabies Poems And Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe)

NORTEC COLLECTIVE – Tengo La Voz (Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3)

ALEX NORTH AND HIS ORCHESTRA – Floozie (Crime Jazz Music In The Second Degree)

NOVA CONCEPÇAO – Adriana (Samba)


CLAUS OGERMAN – The Joker (Watusi Trumpets)

THE OHIO EXPRESS – It's Too Groovy (Beg Borrow & Steal)

OK GO – This Too Shall Pass (live) (www.okgo.net)

101 STRINGS (and THE ORANGE GROOVE) – A Bad Trip Back to '69 (Astro-Sounds (and Crystal Blue Persuasion and Other Sounds of Today)

ONE RING ZERO – Radio Waltz (Tranz Party)

ONO w/ APPLES IN STEREO – Nobody Sees Me Like You Do (Yes, I Am a Witch)

OPERATION RE-INFORMATION – Simple (Universal Standard 84000)

OPTIGANALLY YOURS – Genetic Engineering (V/A Orchestral Interpretations in the Dark)

ORANJ SYMPHONETTE – Call Me Mister Tibbs (The Oranj Album)

ORCHESTRA DU SOLEIL – Village du Soleil (Mondial)

ORCHESTRA SUPERSTRING – Diana (Orchestra Superstring)


RIZ ORTOLANI – I Giorni Dell'ira (Italian Western Movie Themes)

THE OSMONDS – One Way Ticket to Anywhere (The Plan)

THE OUT-ISLANDERS – The Moon of Manakoora (Polynesian Fantasy)

OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY – Stay Happy (Stay Happy)

THE OUTRIGGERS – On The Beach at Waikiki (Captivation)


BILL PAGE – Nature Boy (Sounds of the Sonic Sixties)

PAGLIARO – Some Sing, Some Dance (Pagliaro)

JACK PALANCE – My Elusive Dreams (Total Lee 3)

GINO PAOLI – Sapore Di Sale (Canto Morricone Vol. 1 – The 60's)

VAN DYKE PARKS – Johnny’s Speech (Lost In The Stars The Music Of Kurt Weill)

ANDY PARTRIDGE – Some Lovely (My Brown Guitar) (Hello Recording Club CD 1994/11)

JEAN-JACQUES PERREY – Moog Indigo (Moog Indigo)

SAM PHILLIPS – Zero, Zero, Zero! (Omnipop)

THE PHOENIX AUTHORITY – One (Blood, Sweat, and Brass)

BOBBY – BORIS" PICKETT & THE CRYPTKICKERS – Let's Fly Away (The Original Monster Mash)

PIGMEAT MARKHAM – Here Comes The Judge (Chess 2049)

CARLOS PIPER ORQUESTRA – From Russia With Love (O Som Espetacular)

THE PIPETTES – ABC (We Are the Pipettes)

PIXIES – I Can't Forget (I'm Your Fan The Songs Of Leonard Cohen)

(PIXIES) FRANK BLACK FRANCIS – Monkey Gone To Heaven (Frank Black Francis)

PIZZICATO FIVE – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Barbie Dolls (Let's Be Adult)

DER PLAN – Jungle Village (Two Zombies Later)

PLASTIC BERTRAND – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Ça Plane Pour Moi)

POLKA POWDER PUFFS ORCHESTRA – We Like Kiolbasa (Polkas and Waltzes by and All Girl Polka Band)

POLLO DEL MAR – Girl's Talk (Continental Mag Sampler #12)

PEREZ PRADO – Mambo No. 8 (RCA Victor single)

PRAY FOR RAIN – Helmets R Bullshit (Roadside Prophets – Soundtrack)

ANDY PRIEBOY – Alternative Chicks (The Period on Head Show – Bootleg)

JOHNNY PULEO AND HIS HARMONICA GANG – Twelfth Street Rag (Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang)


QUARTETO EM CY – Aioka (Em Cy Maior)

? & THE MYSTERIANS – 96 Tears (En Español) (Feel It!)

ANTHONY QUINN – What Is Love? (In My Own Way...I Love You)

CARMEL QUINN – The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow (Carmel Quinn's TV Party)

FREDDY QUINN – Blue Mirage (Single)

MICHAEL QUINT – Quando Quando / Swear To God (Michael Quint In Concert)

QUINTRON – Cave Formation (Are You Ready for an Organ Solo?)


GENE RAINS – Tiki (Rains in the Tropics)

DON RALKE – Fascinating Rhythm (But You've Never Heard Gerswhin with Bongos)

RAMONETURES – I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramonetures)

RAOUL – Death Rides A Horse (Death Rides A Horse – Soundtrack)

RAY RASCH – Sugar Plum Cha Cha (Flutes Front & Center!)

MILT RASKIN – Kapu (Forbidden) (Kapu (Forbidden))

THE RASPBERRIES – I Wanna Be With You (Fresh)

THE RAYBEATS – B-Gas Rickshaw (Guitar Beat)

THE REAL THING STEEL BAND – Extro Real Thing (The Real Thing Steel Band)

DELLA REESE – Whatever Lola Wants (Della Della Cha Cha Cha)

THE RENAISSANCE – Always Something There To Remind Me (Bacharach Baroque)

GOOGIE RENÉ – Romesville (Romesville)

HENRI RENÉ – Mangos (Riot in Rhythm)

HARRY REVEL – Moon Moods (Music Out Of The Moon)

PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS – Song for Swingy (Mattel promo single)

THE REVILLOS – Where's the Boy For Me? (Rev Up)

ALVINO REY – After You've Gone (Ping Pong)

RIALTO – Monday Morning 5:19 (Rialto)

MARC RIBOT – Choserito Plena (The Prosthetic Cubans)

CLIFF RICHARD – Quien Sera (Cliff Richard in Spain)

EMIL RICHARDS – Ruby (Stones)

NELSON RIDDLE – Bali Hai (The New Exotic Sounds)

STAN RIDGWAY – Big Green Tree (Neon Mirage)

STAN RIDGWAY – Desert of Dreams (Neon Mirage)

STAN RIDGWAY – Neon Mirage (Neon Mirage)

STAN RIDGWAY – This Town Called Fate (Neon Mirage)

THE RINGERS – Friday on My Mind (Play for Today's Dance-"In")

MARTY ROBBINS – A Hundred And Sixty Acres (Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs)

CLARA ROCKMORE – Saint-Saens The Swan (The Moogs Present Clara Rockmore, Virtuoso Theremin)

RODRIGUEZ – Sugar Man (Cold Fact)

ROSITA RODRIGUEZ – Y Me Dejas Lllorando (El Torbellino)

TITO RODRIGUEZ – Jealousy (Latin Twist)

ERIC ROGERS – Whispering (The Percussive Twenties)

THE ROMANTICOS DE CUBA ORCHESTRA – Lamento Borincano (Cuba Libre)

EDMUNDO ROS – This Is My World (This Is My World)

WILLIE ROSARIO – Watusi Boogaloo (Boogaloo and Guaganco)

BIFF ROSE – Fill Your Heart (The Thorn in Mrs. Rose's Side)

DAVID ROSE – Forbidden Planet (Music From Motion Pictures)

BOB ROSENGARDEN & PHIL KRAUS – America (Hot Line For Sound)

THE ROYAL TEES – Quiet Village (Exotic Sounds Of Quiet Village)

MIKLÓS RÓZSA – The Asphalt Jungle – Main Title (Crime Jazz Music In The Second Degree)

PABLO BELTRAN RUIZ – Quien Sera (Epoca de Oro)

JOHN RYDGREN – Search It Out (Silhouette Segments)


MATTEO SALVATORE – Il Pescivendolo (Lamenti di Mendicanti)

THE MIKE SAMMES SINGERS – Wouldn't It Be Loverly (Sounds Sensational)

EVIE SANDS – I Can't Let Go (V/A The Girl Group Sound)

MONGO SANTAMARIA – Louie Louie (Dock of the Bay)

SANTO & JOHNNY – The Breeze and I (Encore)

DANIEL SANTOS – El Rey del Bombo (Daniel Santos)

BRYAN SCARY – The Blood Club (The Shredding Tears)

LALO SCHIFRIN – Secret Code (There's A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On)

VIC SCHOEN & HIS CORCOVADO TRUMPETS – Lifeboat (Girls with Brass)

DICK SCHORY – Chinatown My Chinatown (Holiday For Percussion)

RAYMOND SCOTT – Twilight in Turkey (Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights)

WALTER SEAR – Love Child (The Copper Plated Integrated Circuit)

SEÑOR COCONUT – Home Computer (El Baile Alemán)

THE SHACKLEFORDS – Not The Lovin' Kind (Their Complete Recordings)

SHADOWY MEN ON A SHADOWY PLANET – Summer Wind (Savvy Show Stoppers)

THE SHANGRI-LAS – Long Live Our Love (Myrmidons of Melodrama)

ANANDA SHANKAR – Jumping Jack Flash (Ananda Shankar)

ROLAND SHAW – Casino Royale (Themes from the James Bond Thrillers Vol. 3)

SANDIE SHAW – Long Live Love (The Golden Hits of...)

JACK SHELDON – Atomic Bomb (Out!)

TAK SHINDO – Mombasa Love Song (Mganga)

THE SHIRELLES – Soldier Boy (21 Greatest Hits)

HERBI SILVERS AND SAM HOFFMAN – So Attracted To You (Sutter Records Single)

MIKE SIMMONS & JON SONNENBERG – The Theme from The Beyondophonic Action Hour

FRANK SINATRA w/ ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM – Girl From Ipanema (Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim)

NANCY SINATRA – This Town (Movin' with Nancy)

ROY SMECK – Paradise (Adventures in Paradise)


ETHEL SMITH – Tico Tico (Latin from Manhattan)

JIMMY SMITH – The Cat (The Definitive Jimmy Smith)

JOHNNY SMITH – Walk Don't Run (Moods)

SODA STEREO – Por Que No Puedo Ser del Jet Set (Chau Soda)

JON SONNENBERG – Freedom Is the Edging to the Garden on the Right (Acoustic Selections)

THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS – Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Cool Water and Seventeen Timeless Western Favorites)

THE SOUTH SEA SERENADERS – Tahiti Sunrise (Tradewinds, Romance from Hawaii to Tahiti)

SPARKLE*JETS U.K. – My Internet Love Song (To You) (In, Through, and Beyond)

PARKS – It Ain't 1918 (Indiscreet)

CARL STALLING – Marching Pink Elephants (The Carl Stalling Project Vol. 2)

WOUT STEENHUIS – Desert Island (Paradise Island)

APRIL STEVENS – Tricks of the Trade (A Nino Tempo-April Stevens Program)

CAT STEVENS – Baby Get Your Head Screwed On (Matthew & Son)

MORTON STEVENS – Operation Smash (Hawaii Five-0 Soundtrack)

THE KIRBY STONE FOUR – When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Wow!)

BILLY STRANGE – Stranger In Your Town (Strange Country)

THE STRANGLERS – Straighten Out (IRS Greatest Hits Part 1)

SYD STRAW – Blue Shadows On The Trail (Stay Awake)

YMA SUMAC – Taki Rari (Mambo!)

THE SUPERIONS – Christmas Conga (Jungle Bells) (Destination...Christmas!)

THE SURFMEN – Jungle Romance (The Romantic Lure Of Hawaii)

SWINGLE II – Il Est Bel et Bon (Love Songs for Madrigals and Madriguys)


JOHN T. – End Titles (Loops 'n Samples)

THE TAMMYS – Egyptian Shumba (V/A One Kiss Can Lead To Another...)


TARTAGLIA – A Day in the Life (Good Morning Starshine)

R. DEAN TAYLOR – Indiana Wants Me (I Think, Therefore I Am)

THE T-BONES – How High the Moon (Everyone's Gone to the Moon and Other Trips)

THE TECHNO ORCHESTRA – Let There Be Neon (Casual Tease)

TEENAGE FILMSTARS – I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape (single A-side)

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES – I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (...and don't the kids just love it)

THE TEMPERANCE SEVEN – Vo-Do-Do-De-O Blues (The Temperance Seven)

LUIGI TENCO – Tra Tanta Gente (Tenco)

TEN TUFF GUITARS – Moonshot! (Ten Tuff Guitars)

TAKESHI TERAUCHI – Movin' (Total Lee 10)

PETER TEVIS – A Gringo Like Me (The Legendary Italian Westerns The Film Composers Series Volume II)

KEITH TEXTOR – Mimi (Sounds Sensational!)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS – Theme To McSweeney's (They Got Lost)


BOB THOMPSON – Sub-Manhattan Blues (Subway) (The Sound of Speed)

RICHARD THOMPSON – Oops, I Did It Again (1000 Years of Popular Music)

THE THREE SUNS – Avenue L'Opéra (Continental Affair)

THE THREE SUNS – Night Mist over Highway #2 (The Three Suns In Japan)

AL TIJUANA & HIS JEWISH BRASS – Peter Gunn (Al Tijuana & His Jewish Brass)

THE TIKI TONES – Joe 90 (Idol Pleasures)

TIKIYAKI ORCHESTRA – Sunset on the Kona Kai (Swingin' Sounds for the Jungle Jetset)

TINY TIM – Ever Since You Told Me That You Love Me (I'm A Nut) (God Bless)

THE TIMES – David Jones Is On His Way (Boys About Town EP)

TIPSY – Sweet Cinnamon Punch (Uh-Oh!)

CAL TJADER – Sahib (Several Shades Of Jade)

THE TORNADOES – Moon Dawg (The Best of the Tornadoes)

THE TORNADOS – Telstar (Telstar The Complete Tornados)

THE TOY DOLLS – James Bond Lives Down Our Street (We're Mad!)

TRAVELOGUE – Cactus (The Art of Conversation)

GIL TRYTHALL – Nashville Moog (Nashville Gold Switched on Moog)


JOHNNY UKULELE – Tea for Two Cha Cha (Favorite Selections by)

THE UNDERTONES – See That Girl (Hypnotised)

THE UPSTAIRS ROOM – Uncle Garage Door (unreleased)

USELESS PLAYBOYS – Caravan (Livin' Lounge The Fabulous Sounds Of Now!)

GARY USHER – Friends (Add Some Music To Your Day (A Symphonic Tribute To Brian Wilson))

THE USER – +}}}}}}} (Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers)

KING USINIEWICZ & HIS USINIEWICZTONES – Yukkum Yukkum (Teenage Dance Party)


CATERINA VALENTE – Waterloo Sunset (Sweet Beat)

VALJEAN – Bird Mash (Mashin' the Classicks)

MARCOS VALLE – Mustang Cor De Sangue (Mustang Cor De Sangue Ou Cor De Mel)

MARCOS VALLE – Samba de Verão (V/A The Story of Bossa Nova)

VALVOLA (w/ PLUS TECH SQUEEZE BOX) – Spray Plastic Muzik (All the Colours from Venus 69)

THE ART VAN DAMME QUINTET – Bach Meets El Mambo (Cocktail Capers)

RANDY VAN HORNE & HIS SWINGING CHOIR – Are You Having Any Fun? (Clef Dwellers)

BILLY VAUGHN – Music to Watch Girls By (That's Life)

LOS VEGAS – Sunshine (The Newest Sound in Sounds)

JOE VENTO (THE THREE SUNS) – Poor Butterfly (Golden Hits Vol. 1)

THE VENTURES – Telstar (Telstar, The Lonely Bull, & Others)

JOE VENUTO (w/ SANDI BLAINE) – Crazy Rhythm (Sounds Different!)

EDOARDO VIANELLO – Carta Vetrata (I Grandi Successi Originali)

LUKE VIBERT & B.J. COLE – Songs of the Night Life (Stop the Panic)

LES VIBRATIONS – Emmanuelle (Erotheque)

JIMMY VIRANI – Taboo (Jimmy Virani Is Beachcombing In Outer Space)

DAVE VORHAUS – The DIY Machine (Electronic Toys A Retrospective of 70's Synthesizer Music)


THE WAIKIKIS – Surfing Girl (Midnight Luau)

THE WAITIKI 7 – Adventures In Paradise (Adventures In Paradise)

TOM WAITS – Good Old World [Gypsy Instrumental] (Night On Earth – Soundtrack)

ELISABETH WALDO – Festival of Texcatlipoca (Rites of the Pagan)

SCOTT WALKER – The Old Man's Back Again (Dedicated To The Neo-Stalinist Regime) (Boy Child 67-70)

WALL OF VOODOO – Lost Weekend (Call Of The West)

WALTER WANDERLY – Amazonas (Talkin' Verve)

ITSU WATANABE – Sukiyaki (Sukiyaki)

CHRIS WAXMAN – Mas Que Nada (ORGANized)

THE HAL WEBB TEAM – More Love To Thee (Life Worth Living)

ROGER WEBB – Fly By Night (Betty Page Jungle Girl)

WEEN – Pink Eye (On My Leg) (The Mollusk)

STEVE WEISBERG – Intro From Mahagonny Songspiel (Lost In The Stars The Music Of Kurt Weill)

MARY WEISS – Nobody Knows You Like I Do (Dangerous Game)

LAWRENCE WELK AND HIS ORCHESTRA – Calcutta (Discoveries Presents Instrumental Oldies)

ORSON WELLES – Frozen Peas Spot

MAE WEST – You Turn Me On (Way Out West)

IAN WHITCOMB – Saucy Seaside Sue (Ian Whitcomb's Mod, Mod Music Hall)

GERT WILDEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA – Rolf Torring (I Told You Not To Cry)

BRIAN WILSON – On a Holiday (SMiLE)


KAI WINDING – Only In America (Kai Winding)

KAI WINDING – Sukiyaki (Soul Surfing/More)

WINGS – General Bringdown (Wings)

HUGO WINTERHALTER – Song of the Islands (Hawaiian Wedding Song)

MARK WIRTZ – Fantastic Fair (The Go-Go Music of...)

THE ROGER WOLFE CHILDREN'S CHORUS – Carrie Ann (Big Hits For Little People)

THE WONDERMINTS – The Party (V/A Shots in the Dark)

GEORGE WRIGHT – Lady Picking Mulberries (Flight To Tokyo)


X – Beyond and Back (Urgh! A Music War)

COMMANDER X AND HIS TUJUNGA CANYON CONTACTS – Cool-Poppie Cocktail Swing-Thing (The Impala Studios Mystery Tape)

X-RAY TANGO – Slaughter on 10th Avenue (... in Spy-Fidelity)

XTC – 1000 Umbrellas (Skylarking)


THE YOUNG AMERICANS – Gotham City Municipal Swing Band at the County Fair (Time For Livin')

VICTOR YOUNG – Rendezvous in Tunis (Night Music)


HELMUT ZACHARIAS – Ob-la-di ob-la-da (Light My Fire)

JOHN ZACHERLEY – Eighty Two Tombstones (Zacherley's Monster Mash Party)

MARIA ZAMORA – Lamento del Desierto (Dutch Exotica)

PETER ZAREMBA'S LOVE DELEGATION – Some Velvet Morning (Total Lee 5)

THE ZEET BAND – Gimme 5 Cents Worth Of Love (Moogie Woogie)

SI ZENTNER – Peter Gunn (From Russia With Love)

KARL ZÉRO (w/ DAISY D'ERRATA) – Inouis (Songs for Cabriolets)

THE ZERO ZERO SEVEN BAND – Violence! (James Bond Thrillers!!!)

JAC ZINDER (Stay Home) – Tango (Chairs I Have Known)

THE ZOMBIES – Come on Time (Zombie Heaven)